White Rock Amphitheater in Snow Canyon State Park - St. George, Utah

White Rock Amphitheater in Snow Canyon State Park

White Rock Amphitheater, sometimes called Whiterocks Amphitheater, lay neatly tucked in at the top of Snow Canyon State Park in St. George, Utah. White Rock Amphitheater is a favorite for the locals, but it can be tricky to find if you don’t know where you’re going. The trail can be accessed through the Lava Flow trail within the Park, but the easier, faster trail is accessed just outside of the Park from a parking lot on the west side of UT Highway 18.

Extraordinary Landscape

Across from a towering black cinder cone rises the White Rock Amphitheater – as if to compete with the dormant volcano. A beautiful contrast of black lava rock and white sandstone, as well as sand dunes cover the landscape. Though short, this hike will long stay in your memory.

Day Hike Fun

I recently decided to hike to the White Rock amphitheater with some friends on a rainy day. To my pleasant surprise, we found running water in the the sandstone formation. In fact, the sand was so wet that those, who had come before us, had been building sand castles!

Why the name White Rock Amphitheater?

White Rock Amphitheater gets it’s name because of it’s bowl shape in the white sandstone. The checkerboard pattern on the sandstone walls even looks similar to auditorium seating. The name becomes obvious to visitors when they enter the amphitheater. While no shows or musicals can be seen here, you are welcome to dance and sing your heart out and the echoing walls just might sing along. If it is a spectacular outdoor show you’re looking for, check out Tuacahn Amphitheater, located just outside of Snow Canyon State Park, in Ivins, Utah.

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