Zion National Park stays open

St George pledges funds to keep Zion National Park Open

As the partial federal government shutdown continues into week two, St. George officials have committed to a funding plan that will help keep Zion National Park open for an additional week.

During the duration of this shutdown, Zion has remained partially operational by to funds given by the State of Utah as well as the Zion Forever Project, a non profit focused on helping preserve Zion National Park. Those funds, currently in use have been scheduled to end on Satruday, January 5th.

Assuming that the shutdown will continue into next week, St. George Mayor Pike announced that funds will be granted between St. George, Washington County, the Utah Office of Tourism and the Zion Forever Project to help keep Zion running with minimal services until January 12th.

More information on what is included in this plan, and statements from Mayor Pike and other city officials can be found in the original article published by St. George News.

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