St. George City Moves forward with Shuttle to Springdale

Have you heard the news? A bus service from St. George to Springdale is one step closer to becoming a reality. In a city council meeting St. George Mayor Jon Pike talked about the developments in establishing a bus route between the cities of St. George and Springdale. This has been an idea that has been floated for many years but never came into fruition. Though, Mayor Pike seems optimistic about current developments. 

Mayor Pike expects a completed report from Zions Banks Public Finance group and the city’s consultant group AECOM this next week, though current information has city officials excited. According to Mayor Pike, the model is looking at a 15-year bus run that doesn’t require the city to dip into the city’s sales tax funds. 

While this is certainly good news, there are still unknowns to be figured. One of them is who would operate the line, which kind of bus would the city use and the effect of COVID-19 on public transportation. Based on the report, SunTran could provide this service for the city at a relatively cheap price, though the city might leave it open for bids. The city is also looking at running an electric, 40 passenger bus, or using the more conventional diesel model. But one of the biggest issues for Mayor Pike and the city is the effect COVID-19 has had on public transportation use. Throughout the state of Utah, there has been an 80% decrease in public transportation use, while St. George has seen a 30% decrease. 

Regardless of these challenges, the potential for a St. George to Springdale bus route is exciting! This bus route would grant greater access to the park while helping to alleviate parking congestion in the park. This addition would be a great service to residents of and visitors to St. George alike!

Do you plan on using this shuttle service once it’s up and running? Let us know in the comments below! 

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