Gunlock Waterfalls in St. George, Utah

Gunlock Waterfalls Flowing Again

Gunlock Waterfalls

Truly a sight to see, the Gunlock Waterfalls only flow every couple years, and they don’t last long! It doesn’t take long for the word to spread and both tourists and locals come out in crowds. Have you ever been?? These red desert cliffs are magnificent when draped in flowing mountain water!

How to get there

These red rock cascades can be found at Gunlock State Park, about 20 miles from St. George, Utah. Take a short 30 minute drive through the incredible Southern Utah landscape. Head west on Highway 91 and turn right onto Gunlock Drive. Visitors can park below the dam on the left side of the road or in the paved Gunlock State Park parking lot.

Excessive snowfall

The winter of 2018/2019 brought a lot of precipitation to Utah, especially Southern Utah. Currently, the Southwestern Utah water basin is at 178% of normal snow water equivalent (SWE). North of St. George rises the Pine Valley mountains, still covered in snow. From Pine Valley, the Santa Clara river flows south toward Gunlock reservoir. Gunlock reservoir is currently filled to the brim, literally! The Gunlock waterfalls are actually the spillway for the reservoir. It’s hard to predict how long water will be going over the spillway, but it usually doesn’t last very long.

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Making a memory

Remember, these falls will not last long! Go out on your own, take a couple adventurous buds or bring the whole family along! If you’re feeling crazy, bring a swimsuit and cool off in some of the pools throughout the waterfalls. I say “crazy” because this water is VERY cold, mountain snow-melt, but hey, you may never get the chance to swim in the Gunlock waterfalls again!

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