Gunlock Waterfalls in St. George, Utah

Gunlock State Park Stops Waterfalls

The waterfalls at Gunlock State Park are no longer flowing, due to changes in the park’s operation. This move comes at the request of the Utah Division of Parks and Recreation. 

Nice temperatures and a new sense of “normalcy” has attracted both in-state and out of state visitors to the falls. This influx of visitors makes social distancing harder to maintain for both individuals and families, alike. While the waterfalls are no longer running, park officials remind the public that Gunlock State Park is still open, and allowing a limited number of visitors to visit the park. Once the allotted number of visitors is met, additional guests will not be allowed into the park until it is under capacity.  

Park officials are also working on alleviating traffic congestion in the area. Parking will be limited to designated parking areas, which will be found near the falls and within the park, while also being limited to the west side of Gunlock Road.  

There are countless physical and mental health benefits that being in the outdoors can bring. As Utahans start to enjoy more time outdoors, state officials remind us now is not the time to relax our mitigation efforts. 

As visitors continue to enjoy Utah’s parks, Utah’s Department of Natural Resources (DNR) has released their #ResponsibleRecreation campaign.

This campaign encourages visitors to:

  • Check park conditions, including wait times and capacity limits, on park social media accounts.
  • Plan visits to state parks during a weekday, or non-peak hours.
  • Practice social distancing, giving at least six feet of distance between others.
  • Avoid large gatherings at trailheads and other common areas of the park.
  • If sick, or displaying any COVID-19 symptoms, stay home.
  • Practice the Leave No Trace principles by keeping the areas around you clean.
  • Visitors are encouraged to prepay their day-use pass at 

Visitors to the park are encouraged to keep CDC guidelines, which include wearing a face covering, and practicing social distancing.


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