Fire Safety in St. George - Turkey Farm Fire

Fire Safety This 24th of July in St. George

Fire Safety in St. George

St. George is our beautiful home. Whether you’re a native or here on adventure, it’s important to practice fire safety in St. George to preserve it’s beauty.

Recent or Current Fires

Due to the hot, dry climate of Southern Utah, we experience many wildfires. Current  or recent wildfires (as of July 14th, 2020) include the West Veyo Fire, burning near Veyo and Brookside, and the Turkey Farm Fire, burning in the Red Cliffs National Conservation Area and the Snow Canyon Fire, burning above Snow Canyon State Park.

To view current Utah Wildfires, visit

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Fire Restrictions

Fire restrictions often cover much the state of Utah during summer months. Fire restrictions are put in place not only to protect vulnerable forests and wildlife, but also to protect humans. Wildfires often threaten campsites and neighborhoods, leading to emergency evacuations, and in worse cases, destruction of property and human deaths.

Click here to view current fire restrictions in St. George and the State of Utah.

24th of July

The 24th of July, also known as Pioneer Day, is Utah’s holiday. On this special day, Utahns celebrate the day “Mormon” Pioneers lead by Brigham Young entered the Salt Lake Valley. On July 24th, 1847, the pioneer settlement of Utah began.

Utahns come together with family and friends to celebrate. Among the BBQ, watermelon, swimming, etc. are the fireworks. We love good firework shows here in Utah, but it’s vitally important to be responsible when lighting off fireworks – no matter where you are. Please be responsible this 24th of July weekend.

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When and where to have campfires

Campfires are only permitted in areas outside of the fire restriction and should always be held in a fire pit. Campfires should always be put out completely. Remember, if it’s too hot to touch, it’s too hot to leave. Avoid having campfires when conditions are hot, dry and windy.

Wild grasses grow all across the State of Utah. When summer arrives, these grasses become dry (especially here in Southern Utah). This dead, dry grass can light up and burn out of control in seconds. Never burn near dead, dry grass.

What to do if you see or start a wildfire

If at all possible, try to put out the fire. Pour water (or soft drinks), stamp the fire with shoes, throw dirt on the fire, etc. Use all means possible to put out the fire before it becomes monstrous. Beware that wildfires can quickly become dangerous. If a wildfire becomes dangerous, evacuate the area immediately.

Notify anyone you can in the area, especially camp hosts and forest rangers. In the event of a wildfire, call 911 and/or Southern Utah’s Color Country Fire Center at (435) 865-4611.

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