Fire Lake Park at Ivins Reservoir

Fire Lake Park in Ivins, Utah

Fire Lake Park in Ivins, Utah is a relatively new attraction in Southern Utah – but it’s already wildly popular. As the temperature rises in St. George, you can expect the traffic at Fire Lake to rise as well.

What is Fire Lake Park?

Fire Lake Park is a family oriented, four-acre lake with nice sandy beaches – all nestled below majestic red cliffs. This water attraction is the perfect spot on a hot summers day. Kayaks, canoes and floating tubes can all be seen decorating the water’s surface. Often times, visitors will come with a large beach umbrella or a canopy to relax under. Imagine kids splashing each other on the beach, adults kayaking or basking in the sun and watermelon for the whole gang – this is the average scene at the water park.

Fire Lake Park at Ivins Reservoir - Ivins, Utah

Where is it?

The Park is located just beside the familiar Ivins Reservoir in (you guessed it!) Ivins, Utah. From St. George, follow Sunset Boulevard toward Santa Clara. Soon you’ll find yourself on Old Highway 91, heading west. Soon after passing the Kayenta turn off, you’ll see a sign for “Fire Lake Park” and there you are! Here’s the address just in case –

1508 Crescent Moon Trail, Ivins, UT 84738

Ivins Reservoir

Ivins Reservoir was first completed in 1918. This reservoir has been used for irrigation as well as recreation for over 100 years. Less people use it for recreation now, however, you can still kayak or canoe on the lake as well as some fishing.

Click here for more information on the Park.


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